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Chandeliers Installed Or Replaced In San Francisco

Chandeliers aren't just for dining rooms and foyers anymore. In fact, they're showing up in other rooms of the San Francisco home by adding charm in less formal rooms, and interest to many unexpected areas. In the past, it was unusual to see chandeliers anywhere except in the "power" positions of a home, such as at the entrance and over the dining room table. It was also more common for chandeliers to only be seen in upscale homes. For sure not in starter homes or entry level builder houses. But times have changed. Today, chandeliers are comfortable in San Francisco homes in a variety of price ranges, and in almost all rooms. Why is this occurring we ask? We used to only show off our entrance and dining rooms. Kitchens have now expanded and are many times the gathering place when company or guests come over. No longer are they hidden places for cooking only. We are now entertaining guests with entertainment/bar sinks and serving counters in the kitchen.

While recessed lighting is excellent as a main source of light, Chandeliers and add elegance and beauty to your San Francisco home.

Whether you want to install an elegant crystal chandelier in your formal dining room or Victorian style Pendant in your study room, Owens-Electric & Solar has the know-how and the right tools to install it without any problems.

Our professional San Francisco electricians install the finest chandeliers and fine fixtures that you wish us to install. Our professional service technicians can also remove old chandeliers, raises or lowers existing fixtures, changes light bulbs and repairs malfunctioning ceiling mount light fixtures. We ensure that the new location is suitable to handle the weight of the chandelier and can brace for a new box should it be needed.

Very few if any other electricians dare to touch a chandelier but we welcome helping you transport and install your chandeliers for your San Francisco home. In addition, we also install, service, and remove old ceiling fans, including adding wireless fan speed controls.

If you are looking to install or repair your chandeliers in the San Francisco area, then please call us today at 800-944-2252 or complete our online request form.