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Generators With Advanced Whole House Power For San Francisco Homes


Since technologies continue to advance, making our homes smarter and easier to operate, it's no wonder there are better options in generators today. If you are thinking of having a generator for your San Francisco home, a whole house generator gives you all the functional options you'll want far beyond what any portable unit could do.

Fortunately, technologies have gotten better even in permanent whole house generators. With advancements in manufacturing, you can choose extremely quiet generators that run endlessly and can be monitored remotely. Yet, there are other features you can choose as a priority such as highly efficient operation from smaller generators that produce the same power larger ones do.

Your best bet is to call in an electrician to discuss the options. You will need a consultation with an electrician anyway because you'll want an estimate for installation. If you live in San Francisco, Owens Electric is your local experts for whole house generators and solar power. We have been in business for 40 years and offer quality, professional service.


Natural Gas Fueled Generators

If natural gas is already being supplied to your San Francisco home, a generator can be installed to run on the gas supplied. Other options are generators fueled by propane or diesel via a large storage tank.

With this type of generator installation, the standby power can continue endlessly or until the large storage tank has to be refueled.

Solar Powered Generators For Your San Francisco Home

Solar power is becoming popular as a power source for homes in San Francisco. To top off the convenience that solar power itself provides, a solar powered generator provides seamless automatic backup power supply without interruption.

A solar powered generator is installed as a fixed, permanent part of the home's solar powered electrical system. It can be installed as an off-grid or grid-tie standby system.

Remote Controlled Smart Generators

A whole home smart generator allows advanced power management technology, high-performance engines, extremely quiet operation, and advanced safeguarding features. With the smart generator, the system is installed with wireless technology so you can monitor and control the generator remotely.

Generators range in size. How much power they supply depends on what you need them to power and how large your home is. With help, your Owens Electric electrician will make sure you have the right generator to meet all your needs. Give our San Francisco Electricians a call today.


If you have questions or would like to know more about Generators for your San Francisco area home, please call Owens Electric at 800-944-2252 or complete our online request form.