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San Francisco Parking Lot Lighting - Secure Your Investments

San Francisco Parking Lot LightingParking lot lighting can be as ornamental as it is utilitarian when deployed by the expert designers at Owens-Electric & Solar. Parking lot poles come in a number of sizes and styles that add a decorative touch that contributes to entertainment, romance, and luxury. For restaurants, shopping centers, and commercial facilities we normally install standard parking lot light poles that measure from 25 feet on up to 45 feet in height. This proves very cost effective for San Francisco businesses with exceptionally large parking lots because a smaller number of tall poles cast a greater field of light across the pavement. For smaller lots adjoining parks, or for parking facilities surrounding luxury hotels, country clubs, and resorts, 12-16 foot poles with ornamental bases and fixtures add an elegant compliment to the lighting theme.  Ornamental parking lot lights can be extended into the green space surrounding the pavement as well. In many San Francisco public parks and private corporate parks one or two ornamental light poles placed adjacent to statuary and water features provides both a physically decorative element and an extra touch of light that accentuates foliage, sidewalks, streams, and walkway bridges.

Outdated fixtures have to be replaced if at all possible with parking lot lights designed specifically for energy efficiently. Our economy could stabilize tomorrow and the market may begin to revive. This is not likely, but possible. Even in such a golden scenario, however, energy efficiency will still remain a top concern in outdoor lighting design. Parking lot luminaires consume a great deal of power, and power is often produced by burning fossil fuels. Energy efficient technology has been created not just to save people money, but just as importantly, to help protect the environment. New, energy efficient lighting plays a vital role in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. Whenever possible, then, ask about new types of lamps like emerging commercial LED lights and pulse-start metal halides. If applicable to your project, the upfront cost will be paid back to you by lower electric bills and reduced maintenance and disposal fees.

Because parking lot lighting in San Francisco requires continuous power consumption, Illuminations Lighting helps reduce overhead by using metal halide fixtures that produce a very bright, white light and consume less power than do older, now outdated parking lot lights. While specialty lighting design, advanced technology, and ornamental housing do require an investment, the return on investment is well worth the upgrade. Reduced power costs and improved security that minimizes crime and possible, associated liabilities are cost benefits San Francisco businesses and luxury facilities can clearly measure on their annual reports over the years to come. Call today for a personal consultation with Owens-Electric & Solar at 800-944-2252, to ensure that your San Francisco parking lot lighting remains legally compliant and operates at maximum efficiency

If you are looking for secure outdoor parking lot lighting in the San Francisco area, then please call us today at 800-944-2252 or complete our online request form.