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Why Is Copper Used So Much In Making Electrical Wires?

Copper is a well-known chemical element with atomic symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It has a beautiful red-orange metallic luster. In the modern days, this reddish metal is used in various areas like in the construction line as a building material, in roofing and plumbing, in industries as a raw material, as a constituent […]

Electrical Inspection Room-by-Room Cheat Sheet

Electrical Inspection Room-by-Room Cheat Sheet General Guidelines Electrical codes are in place to protect you, the Bay Area homeowner. These general guidelines apply to new installations and will give you the basics of what electrical inspectors are looking for. Be sure to check with your local electrical inspector because Bay Area codes may vary from […]

Respect Electrical Receptacles

If you look around your San Francisco home, chances are you will find different kinds of electrical receptacles. These different varieties are all used for different purposes, and it is important to understand their intended usage to avoid making mistakes. Even the voltage can vary between these receptacle varieties, so you should take the time […]

Cracking the Color Code of Bay Area Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is something that requires foresight, planning, and a certain degree of know-how. Going into electrical wiring without these tools at your disposal can potentially have some pretty frightening consequences! Electricity isn’t something to be toyed with haphazardly.  Having said that, it’s not something that you should necessarily be afraid of either. There are […]

How Knot to Use Extension Cords in San Francisco

Common sense safety practices save lives and property.  This is especially true when using extension cords.  Remember that extension cords are only for temporary use, and shouldn’t be used long term or permanently attached.  If you find that you are constantly in need of extension cords to plug in consistently used appliances or components, a […]

Tools of the Bay Area Electrician’s Trade

It is impossible to imagine a day without electricity in our lives. Though you always rely on a good Bay Area electrical contractor in to make any major electrical repair or to upgrade the electrical wiring in your Bay Area home, there are times when you may desire to put on the electrician’s hat to […]

So Much to Plug In And So Few Outlets In the Bay Area

Electrical outlets are an indispensable part of most homes. In fact, you might even find that you need a few more electrical receptacles installed in one or more rooms of your Bay Area home in order to support the appliances and equipment you wish to use. In order to safely add new outlets to your […]

Home Wiring And Electrical Cables: What You Need To Know

Here is more information of what cables are and what the different varieties of wire and electric materials available are that you should know about. Whether you are just interested in this topic or you are trying to spark an interest in this field and become a professional some day, this is the basic information […]

Check Your Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors can definitely save lives. In fact, it is estimated that two-thirds of residential fires are the result of having no smoke alarm inside the home. When there is a fire, the smoke spreads quickly. In this case, only the smoke detector can provide the first line of defense. Below are some safety tips […]

Are All Ceiling Fans Created Equal?

Ceiling fans are becoming a popular option today as they are functional and aesthetic at the same time. They also save on electricity costs and a lot of homeowners are considering this option for their homes. In fact, even businesses are now recognizing the potential and are using them often. However, all ceiling fans are […]

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