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Don’t Blow a Fuse Over a Tripped Breaker!

If you have ever had a problem in your San Francisco home with a tripped breaker or a blown fuse that just left you confused on what to do next, don’t fret. The answer may be as simple as an overloaded circuit or a bad cord. Although you may feel resetting a breaker or replacing […]

Let’s Clear Up the Con-Fuse-Ion

Every Bay Area home has an electrical switchboard. It protects the electrical wiring system in your home. As part of your home maintenance checks or when you are doing your next renovations, have a look inside your switchboard. This is where the main power switch, along with a number of fuses or circuit breakers are […]

Why Only A Bay Area Electrician Should Upgrade Your Service Panel

Electrical demands created by modern technology put more stress on older electrical systems. Also, insurance companies have started to deny renewals to homes equipped with electric panels that have been known to cause electrical fires and have not been replaced by a qualified Bay Area electrician. A service panel distributes electricity throughout your Bay Area […]

The Continual Development Of Circuit Breakers

The consumer units have changed over the last twenty years by the move from fused circuits controlling the system for the fail safe position to the introduction of the circuit breaker. The advantage is that the fused circuit when it blows a fuse needs a replacement fuse or fuse wire. This was difficult and time […]

Why Learn About Electrical Panel Wiring?

To give yourself a clear idea of how San Francisco electrical panel wiring impacts electric distribution in your home, you have to understand first how electric circuits work. Electricity is not just about meter readings; it is more about how electricity is distributed to lights and other electrical circuits you have in your home. Having […]

Your San Francisco Electrical Panel May Need Upgrading

If you are planning to purchase or rent a house in San Francisco, it will be good to check if there is a need to upgrade the main electrical service. This is important because not only old electrical appliances consume more electricity, they may become unsafe over time. Moreover, our modern lifestyle makes use of […]

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