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Tips On Effective Landscape Outdoor Lighting

February 28, 2012 at 10:44 pm | Category: Landscape Lighting

Having a couple of landscape lighting additions installed in your home will have a great effect on the aesthetic appeal of your house, especially during night time. You would be surprised at how your home will look simply by adding a couple of lighting fixtures in your yard. Here are a couple of tips that you should keep in mind when you go about the task, however, so as to ensure that you will be able to make the most out of your investments. With the following points, you would be able to get the look and feel that you want form your landscape renovation.

For one, you have to understand that the various landscape lighting ideas that you may use will not only impact the appearance of your home, but its over-all feel as well. As you would know by now, lighting has a great effect on the people who step into your vicinity as well. With this said, it is highly advised that you keep this point in mind as you go about in deciding your San Francisco landscape lighting design. This way, you will be able to achieve the over-all appeal that you are aiming for after the whole installation process.

It will do you well to draft a budget even before you begin coming up with the design that you will use for your home. Yes, there are a lot of affordable lighting options that are available in the market, but it is highly advised that you gravitate towards their higher quality counterparts when you go about your shopping. Approaching the task with a set budget will keep you from spending more than you can spare.

What most people do not always realize is that implementing a good landscape lighting design also jacks up the safety level of a property. As opposed to a poorly lit yard, implementing a good lighting plan will allow you to deter crooks from targeting your home. As a matter of fact, homes that have well-lit yards are rarely victimized by this type of crimes. Installing the necessary lighting fixtures in your home will not only help you make your abode look more appealing, but it will also help you make you and your family safer at night as well.

Foil The Grinch By Adding Landscape Lighting Around Your San Francisco Home

December 2, 2011 at 9:26 pm | Category: Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is typically thought of as a way to beautify the exterior appearance of any San Francisco home. While it does accomplish that, the installation of landscape lighting can have an impact on the safety of yourself, your family and your belongings.  Consult with your San Francisco electrician to discuss the various options in outdoor lighting and what is best suited to your family’s needs.

In general, San Francisco homes and businesses that are well-lit are less likely to fall prey to intruders. Well lit places seem safer and increase the chance of a person being spotted while breaking into or exiting the premises. When planning your outdoor lighting arrangement, there are some key aspects to keep in mind that will inevitably enhance the safety of your home.

Outdoor lighting can give you peace of mind in addition to the aesthetic appeal it will provide your San Francisco home. It is a feature that can simultaneously deter possible trespassers and make everyday life easier for your family.

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Landscape Lighting Tips To Improve The Look Of Your Home

September 1, 2011 at 9:13 pm | Category: Landscape Lighting

If you have spent the time, effort and money to landscape your yard you might as well enjoy the beauty of it both at night and during the day. Using the right type and amount of outdoor lighting can help highlight particular features of your yard at night.

The fun part about it is that the landscaping can look different at night when illuminated making it feel like you have twice as much visual appeal. You’ll be able to appreciate your efforts in a whole new way at night. Plus certain types of outdoor lighting can help add a layer of protection and safety to your home.

Landscape Lighting for Atmosphere

When chosen and installed properly landscape lights should reveal your home’s beauty, accentuate your favorite trees and flowers, highlight special features like a waterfall or pond and provide a relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

To get the best effect it is important to follow a few basic guidelines. First use a mixture of lighting types not all the same type and be creative. While solar path or garden lights can be attractive, some light sources should be concealed like those used for down lighting or up lighting. Consider using a timer for any that aren’t solar powered so they automatically turn on at night. Be careful not to over light; you don’t want your whole yard brightly lit.

Landscape Lighting for Functionality

From a functional perspective landscape lights should increase safety and reduce accidents through increased visibility, provide security by deterring potential criminals or unwanted visitors, and they should help improve the property value of your home.

There are some basic guidelines to follow when you are using lighting for security or functionality as well. For starters you want to provide a welcoming entryway, but one that illuminates the front door, the house numbers and the lock. Use decent lighting to illuminate all entryways into the home, the front, the back and any side entry.

Illuminate the driveway and garage. Using driveway lights can help increase visibility for friends coming or going from your home at night, but they can also create delineation. Garage lights can help offer security, they can be used any time of year and they can be used separate from other landscape lights.

Pathway and step lights offer an attractive look, but even more importantly they can help you or friends see better when coming or going from your house at night.

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Illuminating the House Exterior With Outdoor Lighting

August 25, 2011 at 8:06 pm | Category: Landscape Lighting

Having outdoor lighting is seen to offer plenty of benefits for the homeowners. Most of the people will install exterior lighting fixture, specially in poor lighted sections of the property in order to heighten security measures against theft. But many makers have now improved the designs of these fixtures to make them more than just additional protection pieces. Because of this, the exterior lightings have grown to be vital aspect of the styles and overall appearance of various homes since they provide illumination and extra ornaments. There are different spots where you can place the lightings depending on your preference.

The outdoor lightings are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes to be able to meet the needs of several people. In the event that you pick the most suitable lights, it will be possible to bring warmth, beauty and a statement of hospitality right in your own home by just adding them. During nighttime, the soft glows that radiate from the lightings can create a desirable visual impact into the house. Through the lighting fixture, you will also be able to drive away unwanted creatures from getting near your property, such as skunks and squirrels. The most important thing to remember is to find the ones which truly match your requirements.

Among the many types of these fixtures, the wall mount outdoor light fixture is probably the most widely used in most homes. The reason behind this is that wall mount lights provide more emphasis on the architectural design of your house and offer great functionality once you set them up on the opposite sides of the door. The emitted illumination can bring in a relaxing ambiance outside, especially when they reflect into the wall structure. On the other hand, the pendant style is also a wonderful choice which you can easily affix onto the ceiling and just let them freely hang while supplying more vivid lights. Some other styles that you may choose include the post light, ceiling mount and the hanging ones.

There are several things that you need to think of in order to find the cheap outdoor lighting that will suit you. You can visit the home improvement section of a department store so that you will be able to personally inquire from the sales attendant about the best lights. Otherwise, it is possible to look for the most suited ones over the internet wherein you can come across different online retailers offering these at sensible costs. Choosing the right lighting allows you to easily update and beautify the current look of your house without shelling out a huge amount of money. Your option should truly complement with the exterior designs.

It is important to opt for the outdoor lighting which has a matching color with your home. Once you have a traditional motif in your home decoration, the lighting fixture with vintage finish such as bronze, brass or iron can produce an elegant style. Meanwhile, the shiny brass and chrome types are perfect choices for modern houses with sleek style. The right size of the lights should be properly selected so that you can obtain the ones which will not look too tiny or too large in the place where you intend to position them. With this, lighting up your outdoor area will be uncomplicated and costs effective.

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Advantages of Exterior Landscape Lighting In San Francisco

January 18, 2011 at 9:19 pm | Category: Landscape Lighting

The beauty of your garden and lawn might be turning heads during the daytime, but once the sun is set it will likely never be noticed, and the lack of illumination may actually serve as a safety hazard for residents and visitors. If this is your situation, you could greatly benefit from the numerous advantages and appeal of San Francisco  exterior landscape lighting.

Outdoor path lighting is an important, and often overlooked, aspect for any well-planned lawn landscape. Aside from the added aesthetic quality it can bring, path lighting also contributes to the safety and well-being of everyone in the home. Additionally, with adequate lighting you would be able to easily identify unwanted strangers during the night hours.

Many people hold back when considering the purchase of garden lighting equipment for fear that the installation would cost them an arm and a leg. To help you explore the available options, here are some of the most popular path lighting products available:

Solar Path Lights

Concerned about your electric bill and want to steer toward something a bit greener? With solar lights, all you would ever need is the sun to power your new lighting setup. Solar panels gather energy from the sun and store it in solar batteries. This gives you the benefit of charging the batteries during the daytime when lighting is not needed. Solar path lights may come at higher initial cost but the long term savings will make up the difference very quickly, making this an excellent option.

Low Voltage Path Lights

Cast a glow on your garden and walkways with low-voltage lights, a simple but effective improvement that can make a huge difference in the safety and security of your home as well as how it looks after dusk. These types of lights are primarily designed for people who do not want to invest in more expensive solar lighting and still prefer to keep the power bill in check. These are usually installed along walkways, steps, and driveways, pointing up at trees, walls, and fences. This lighting option comes at very affordable prices.

LED Path Lights

Popularly known for their bright lighting, LED path lights are one of the cost-effective ways of lighting up your yard. LED lights tend to consume less electricity when compared to standard light bulbs. They are also considered more durable as these bulbs do not get busted easily and tend to last much longer. LED light bulbs are sometimes equipped with the convenience of a remote control, and some even have scheduling features allowing them to be activated and deactivated at specified times.

Outdoor landscape lighting comes in all manner of styles, shapes, sizes and functions. But what are the main benefits of installing such a lighting system?

Security for Residents

Path lighting ensures that your walkways and driveway are illuminated in low light or at night, allowing you to spot trespassers and identify anyone approaching your home. Exterior lighting is also a great threat-deterrent, as many potential thieves will steer clear in fear of being exposed to anyone nearby or inside the home.

Accident Prevention

Exterior San Francisco landscape lighting fixtures will allow family, friends and other visitors to clearly see where they are walking when approaching your home. Many accidents are caused by tripping on a crack in concrete or on stairs, or slipping, all of which can be prevented with the increased visibility of path lighting.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from safety and security, path lighting can give your garden and other landscape features that extra touch at night. The natural appeal of landscape lighting brings out the beauty of your plant life, and home exterior, during all hours of the night when it would ordinarily not be seen

Landscape Lighting In San Francisco Makes All the Difference

June 30, 2010 at 4:44 pm | Category: Landscape Lighting

San Francisco landscape lights are the finishing touches to a otherwise perfect landscape design, but if you fail to accent the landscape project with just the right lightening, you may have missed the ultimate touch.

To best decide on San Francisco landscape lighting for your project, it’s important to know not only where you plan to place the landscape lights, but what type of lights to use to give you the maximum effects from your landscape lighting.

Solar powered lighting is very popular and for good economic reasons, since there is no cost involved once you have solar landscape lighting in place, but is this the best effect for accenting your landscape project? In most cases the answer is clearly, no.

The economics of solar landscape lights is great but this is not a science fair, and you get no ribbons for being cheap or for being environmentally friendly. Let’s rethink what your hard earned project deserves when it comes to lighting up your masterpiece when the sun goes down.

The best choice in choosing landscape lighting is low voltage electrical outlet lights. This will give you a constant and evenly distributed lighting effect every night without being concerned about the amount of direct sunlight that may or may not have charged your solar lighting choice.

San Fran landscape lights should also be discretely placed into your landscape project. Try to add the your lighting in a way that the lights are not seen during the daylight hours and at night, the lights appear to come from hidden locations, to focus only on the landscape, and not in direct sight of your viewers eyes. Any source of direct lighting is distracting, by carefully choosing your lighting placement, can give you the rave reviews you are hoping for.

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