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Electric Power Meter: A Good Read

January 26, 2012 at 8:25 pm | Category: Electrical Repairs

An electric power meter is a very accurate instrument that measures the amount of electricity you use. If you look through the glass enclosure, you will see a rotating metal disc. It rotates in proportion to the amount of electricity that’s being used at that time. The more electricity you are using at any given moment, the quicker the disc rotates. Each revolution represents a specific amount of electricity. The disc causes gears to rotate, which in turn make pointers on a dial move, showing the amount of electricity used [source: Georgia Power]. Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours. One kilowatt hour of electricity can supply enough energy to keep ten 100 watt bulbs burning for one hour. Your San Francisco electric company representative reads your meter at regular intervals, and you’re then billed accordingly. If the meter reader couldn’t gain access to your meter, you will receive an estimated bill [source: NevadaEnergy].

Your power meter is made up of five dials:

  1. The first dial on the right measures units and rotates clockwise.
  2. The next dial to the left measures tens and rotates counter-clockwise.
  3. The dial third to the left measures hundreds and rotates clockwise.
  4. The fourth dial to the left measures thousands and rotates counter-clockwise.
  5. The last dial on the left measures ten thousands and rotates clockwise.

Read your San Francisco power meter from right to left and write down the numbers that the each arrow points to.

You can easily read your own meter, but should always contact your San Francisco electrician should you need any emergency electrical service or electrical repairs.

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