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A Responsible Human Being – Be an Electricity Saver!

Did you know that even if we constantly use electricity for lights, air-conditioner, television or whatever electric appliance we have, we can still be an electricity saver? We just need to make a conscious effort to make electricity saving a part of our everyday lives and shift to more sustainable means. To appreciate how you can become an electricity saver, first, some general information on electricity. Most electricity used in average homes comes from traditional power plants that uses water, heat (coal) or on some case, nuclear energy. However, even if you are conscious of electricity saving, if your electricity comes from these energy sources, you are still contributing to degradation of nature.

These are the usual sources of electricity that unfortunately produce by-products that are considered harmful to the environment. At the same time, fossil fuels that are used in coal power plants are non-renewable energy sources. This means that it would be very hard to replenish these resources if we are to use them more. If you consume energy from these source, you need all the more be an electricity saver because these energy sources get depleted rapidly if you use it up more.

Hence, the more electricity we consume, the more by-products are developed, the more we deplete these hard-to-replace natural resources, and in the end we put our environment at risk all the more. By being an electricity saver you and I can help reduce the carbon footprint in our mother earth. The question is, does electricity saving that include decreasing consumption of electricity by using electricity saver or energy saver devices, enough? The answer is a big No.

The real and authentic electricity saver and environmentally sound option is the use of alternative or renewable energy. For instance by using the energy of the sun, you can become an energy saver. Solar panels make use of the sun’s energy which is considered the ultimate renewable energy because it can never be exhausted. Our sun can actually provide more than the energy requirement of the entire world, if only we know how to effectively use this energy saver. Unfortunately, only a fraction of the population makes full use of this energy source.

Many people do not realize that the cost of solar power is much cheaper than usual sources of electricity. This electricity saving option is even regarded as the best energy saver, among all the options. Just think about the electricity saving that we all will generate if we can harness the full power of the sun. Hence, solar panel can be an electricity saver in the real sense. Be an energy saver and use LED lamps instead of the conventional light bulbs, or start using solar powered lamps, cars, heaters and panels. These are all electricity saving generators that are available in the market today. Recognizing the importance of solar energy, today’s technology has developed electricity saver tools that use energy more efficiently.

Another “scientific” approach to electricity saving is the use of qualitative method where electricity usage is analyzed. Another form of renewable and green energy that can be considered an electricity saver is the energy coming from the wind. Especially on those region where the sun does not shine that much, wind energy is a good option. Even the federal government recognizes the need to save energy and promote electricity saver. For instance, the government offers tax breaks for those who conduct research on electricity saving.

As an effective energy saver tool, tariff structures are imposed on commercial electrical companies.There are also various laws that support the use of solar panels as electricity saver. This helps consumers be more conscious of the wattage they spend and focus more on electricity saving. In our own little ways, we can all pitch in on electricity saving. By being an energy saver, you do not just help lower your electricity bills you also contribute in saving our planet. Be an electricity saver and you will realize how proud it feels to be one!

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