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Solar Panels in Burlingame, CA

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Eliminate Or Reduce Your Electric Bill With Solar Power

Solar Power In San FranciscoNow you have the 'Power' to save. By investing in a San Francisco Solar Electric System, you can generate your own clean electricity from sunlight, with no air pollution or noise, and most important, with a great cost-benefit ratio of your investment.

You can help the San Francisco community and minimize the impact of the energy crisis by reducing your electric usage on the utility grid, and you can even feed the excess power you produce back into the utility during the day when the demand is highest. The utility will credit you for this power at the same rate they sell it to you for.

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The Benefits of Solar Electricity In San Francisco

Reduce Your Electric BillReliability
Solar Electric panels have no moving parts to wear out, and they come with an extraordinary 25 year warranty, and a 40-year design life.

Security & Independence
When you add batteries to your system, you will continue to have power during utility power outages of any kind.

Protecting the Environment
Solar electric generators are silent and non- polluting. They produce zero emissions.

It makes good economic sense
Reduce or eliminate bills for electricity. The inevitable rate hikes will not affect you. You are making a substantial investment in your property, rather than sending your money off to a utility company.

Financial Incentives

If you need a solar power electric system in the San Francisco area, then please call us today at 800-944-2252 or complete our online request form.